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Quality Statement

We want you to LOVE your purchase! Quality is of incredible importance to us and that is why we choose to use high quality products and processes like hand painting with a brush instead of spray painting and why we use brushed on polycrylic instead of a  spray finish. We use a combination of sanding processes and a matte finish to give you a buttery smooth appearance and allow the most natural beauty of the wood to come through instead of glossing it up so it no longer looks natural.

We love hearing stories behind our sales. Why they are buying it, who they are buying it for, the meaning to them, the memory it stirs, the feeling it gives them, etc. We enjoy knowing the joy it brings the buyer and the home it is going into and hopefully for the generations to follow. That is another one of the reasons why quality is important to us. PLEASE let us know if anything is wrong with your purchase at any time! Processes can always be improved and we would appreciate knowing more ways to improve ours so that we can provide the best possible product.

We would LOVE to see where your purchase ends up. On Facebook you can post it to our page or send it via Messenger (kelissasheaexpressions). You can also e-mail it to

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