Custom Silhouette Light Jar (stock options)

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Each jar includes a ½ gallon Ball jar with a silhouette, silver lid, twine wrap and remote controlled, battery operated warm white LED light strand on copper wire (requires 3 AA batteries, batteries not included). Each jar measures approximately 4.25” x 4.25” x 9.25”.

We tested many light sets before settling on these particular ones that we felt provided the best quality and versatility for the value. There are several light pattern options or you can leave it on solid. There is a timer function that will turn the lights on for 4 hours and then shut them off automatically and automatically turn them on every 24 hours from the time you set the timer for 4 hours. The entire set can be controlled by a single remote although there is one remote included for each jar, so you can also separate the set to different areas and rooms with their own remotes. Scroll to the bottom of this description for a video of the lights in action.

The warm white lights on copper wire is included by default. If you would prefer BRIGHT white lights on SILVER wire, that option is available as well.

Options are pretty endless for these silhouette jars! Pick from any of our stock options for $22 each ($100 for a set of 5) or provide us with a picture for a custom silhouette of a person, pet or thing for just $30 each ($140 for a set of 5). For stock options, you can pick from any of the silhouettes you have seen on our products or let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you with options to pick from. Again, the options are pretty endless…sports, animals, symbols, letters, etc.


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