Deer & Trees Scene Handcrafted Framed Lightbox Set Wall Art or Table Top with Remote Control

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This set includes the three lightboxes pictured.

Lightboxes come with your choice of frame color and light option.

Each framed box includes a remote controlled, battery operated LED light strand (requires 3 AA batteries, batteries not included) that is easily accessible on the back. Each box measures approximately 8” x 8” x 1.25”.

We tested many light sets before settling on these particular ones that we felt provided the best quality and versatility for the value. There are light pattern options or you can leave it on solid. For colored lights, you can leave it on solid on any color and for a set you can leave them on the same color or different colors. There is a timer function that will turn the lights on for 4 hours and then shut them off automatically and automatically turn them on every 24 hours from the time you set the timer for 4 hours. The entire set can be controlled by a single remote although there is one remote included for each box, so you can also separate the set to different areas and rooms with their own remotes. Scroll to the bottom of this description for a video of the lights in action.

For inquiries or questions, e-mail us at, contact us via our contact page on this site or message us on Facebook Messenger at kelissasheaexpressions.


To see our light box options in action, view the videos at the links below:

Colored Lights Fade Option Demo - View Video

Warm White Lights Pattern Demos - View Video

Bright White Lights Pattern Demos - View Video

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